About me

About me

Hi, I am Magnus Kristiansen

I am a year old UX-designer with a Bachelor's Degree in IT - Interactive Design, currently living in Oslo, Norway

As a visual person I have a keen eye for aesthetics and love design. I'm interested in technology and enjoy problemsolving and I like creating stuff regardless of what it is. I like designing, coding, cooking, animating and listening to music.

Technical skills and tools

Designing for the user, developing for the Web

I am proficient in using a variety of design and development tools, including:

Figma • Illustrator • XD • Photoshop • After Effects • Premiere Pro + more.

HTML • CSS • Sass • JavaScript and TypeScript • JavaScript frameworks (React and Vue) • Swift and UIKit • CSS libraries (Bootstrap, Bulma and Tailwind) • .NET / C# • Java • SQL • WordPress and Webflow.

Design philosophy and approach

Iterative and user-centered process with informed design decisions

Understanding user needs, business goals, and technology informs my design decisions.

I advocate for a holistic user experience, encompassing usability, aesthetics, and accessibility. I also believe in the importance of an understanding of code and design theory.

Iterations play a crucial role as I continuously test and improve designs based on user feedback.


Education in Information Technology - Interactive design

I have a bachelor's degree in Information Technology - Interactive design at Kristiania University College.

This course of study is practical, where I have learned and gained hands-on experience with user experience design, web development, programming, technology and more.

Current job and contact information

Teaching and Learning: My job as a Teacher Assistant

Alongside my studies I aworked as a Teacher Assistant at Kristiania University College. I assisted in the courses Introduction to programming, Web development and Objectoriented programming.

If you are interested in working with me or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via links on the contact page or email me at Loading... .